Glam Grans

I stumbled across this advertisement a few months ago in Times Square. It was huge-- one of those massive, brightly lit behemoths that light up New York City day and night.
My first thought? Those are some butt-ugly, manly looking undies. 
My second thought was kudos to Kim for making these granny panties look sexy...and comfy. 
That second thought lead me to my third thought: the marketing geniuses who came up with this ad campaign missed the most obvious, easiest way to sell these panties to real women--simply remind ladies how comfortable ugly granny panties can be.
Imagine the slogans they could have used... 
 No more fabric in your crack- granny panties are back! 
Or how about...More time for fun, no more pulling panties from your bum. 
Perhaps something simpler, like-- Dig 'em? Not anymore! Our panties stay put! 
There were so many fun ways to sell these comfortable, sturdy-looking panties. All they needed to do was appeal to a gal's need for comfort.

But no. Instead they added this creepy sister slumber party ad. I suppose they think that's how we sisters roll- by stripping down to our essentials and bunking down for naps. Sorry guys, girl-group naps went out of style with the corset. Another torturous fashion women did away with in exchange for comfort.

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We spent  a few days in New York. Boy #1, Caleb, began his internship this week, so before dropping him off, we did some exploring. There is so much to see in this city, you could find something new with every visit. My husband and I saw the tram in a horror movie a few months ago.Before then, we'd never even realized there was a Roosevelt Island, much less a tram to ride across to it. So, we put the tram on our list. During this visit, we found it. For the cost of a subway ride, you can ride across upper Manhattan and the East River and enjoy some stunning views.

Boy #2, Cole, graduated Magna Cum Laude from WVU with a BS in Economics. He skipped the fanfare and ceremony, so now he waits for his diploma to arrive in the mail. I told him once I see official proof, I'll take him out for wings. Hey, raising kids is like nuclear negotiations and using the trust, but verify philosophy is a good idea.

Boy #4, Conner, is getting ready for high school graduation. Senioritis is hitting him hard. I sent him to school the other day and he ended up at McDonald's for breakfast instead. What's a tardy to a senior who mentally checked out of high school in December?

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